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Here are the steps to order your photo prints online from Process One:

• Locate the pictures that you want to order – make a note of the pictures that you would
like to print and where they are located on your computer, phone or tablet - or if your images are on a CD, memory card or USB drive, insert it into the computer now.

• Go to our website at and click the link to ‘Order Prints Online’ – this
will bring you to our online ordering system. Select whether you would like to upload pictures from your computer, device, Facebook, Drop Box or Instagram.

• Click the box labeled ‘Add Photos’.
Add photos to upload for printing.A window will open to allow you to browse to the location of the images you would like to print. Select as many images as you would like to print and then click ‘Open’.  Your images will appear in the ‘Images to Send’ area.
You can continue to add as many images as you would like.

• When you are finished selecting your images click ‘Upload' to upload your images into our online print ordering system.
Start uplaoding photos button.

• You will now see all of the images that you have uploaded along with all of our print sizes.
From the ‘Product Group’ menu you can select ‘Glossy Prints’, ‘Matte Prints’, etc. for your desired print finish, or you can select ‘All’ to see everything we offer on one page so you can order mixed print finishes.

• Now select the print sizes and quantities that you would like to order from each image.
Once you have made all of your selections click the ‘NEXT’ button.
Next button.

• You will now see some additional options, including the ‘Special Instructions’ box.
If you are ordering wallet photos and would like to have your student’s name imprinted on the front of the photos you can tell us about it in this box. (Ex: Please imprint Jeff 2017 on the wallet size prints).

• Next click ‘Review’ to see your print order in your shopping cart.
Review order button.

• Now click ‘Checkout’ and fill out your name, address, etc and then follow the checkout process to finalize your order.
Checkout button.

If you have any questions placing your photo print order online please call us at 1-888-562-7970 and we will be happy to help!

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