We sell Fuji, Ilford and Kodak film

Process One carries a wide selection of both amateur and professional film in a
variety of sizes to fit your needs.

At Process One we still love film - and we are happy to stock a wide selection of film, including sizes from
35mm to 120, to keep your film cravings satisfied. 

Give us a call and we will be happy to ship whatever film you need right to your door.

We offer a student discount on film and paper to students in photography class at many Kansas City area schools.


Color print film   Black & white film   Slide film
Kodak Ultramax 400   Kodak Tmax 100 and 400   Fuji Velvia 50
Kodak Ektar 100   Kodak 125PX   Fuji Provia 100
Kodak Portra 160   Kodak 400TX   Fuji Provia 400X
Kodak Portra 400        
    Ilford Delta 100 and 400    
Fuji Superia 200   Ilford FP4 125    
Fuji Superia 400   Ilford HP5 400    
  Our film is guaranteed fresh
  We store our pro film refrigerated at 45
  We offer student discounts on selected films
  We stock 35mm, APS, 120 and 220 formats
  We sell black and white photo paper

*Don't see the film you want?  We can order it for you - it will usually take about 4 days,
but rush orders are accepted as well.

In addition to selling great film we also offer quality film processing.
We stock supplies for photo class!

* Due to their sensitized nature, we do not accept returns or exchanges on film and paper.

Find out about these great films!


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Process One - Film
(Print, E6 and B&W)


New Kodak Ektar 100 film


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