We recommend using a high quality, brand name memory card in your digital camera to
protect your valuable pictures.

Cheap, no-name cards can cause problems such as corrupt files, unreadable cards and erratic image storage.
Do yourself and your pictures a favor and use a high-quality memory card!
We recommend and stock SanDisk memory cards to safeguard your images.

You really need more than one digital camera card...

  Increase the number of photos you can take before changing cards
  Use the highest quality setting on your camera and never run out of space
  Have a backup card in the event that you have an error
  You can have one card in the camera and one card for printing
  Prevent the possibility of losing all of your pictures if one card fails
We carry camera cards from Sandisk.  Your pictures deserve the best, and memory cards from Sandisk are very reliable and fast!


We carry a card to fit your camera:
  • Compact Flash
  • Memory Stick
  • Smart Media
  • XD and SD cards

Card Capacity - Approximate number of pictures your card will hold

Camera Type - File 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
Mega Pixels Size Card Card Card Card Card
5 Megapixel Camera 1.5 600 1200 2500 5100 10300
7 Megapixel Camera 2.0 450 900 1800 3600 7300
8 Megapixel Camera 2.3 400 800 1650 3300 6650
10 Megapixel Camera 2.9 325 650 1300 2600 5200
12 Megapixel Camera 3.4 225 550 1100 2200 4400
21 Megapixel Camera 6.4 150 300 550 1100 2300

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Is your camera card giving you an error?
If your camera or computer cannot read your card, or if it is not loading properly, the card may have an error or corrupted files.
We can fix it!
Get details on our memory card recovery services.


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