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If your camera's memory card is corrupt, not accessible by your computer or can't be read by your camera, we can help get your pictures back.

   Memory card error recovery.

Everyone who shoots digital pictures long enough will eventually suffer from a memory card failure.

We can usually recover most or all of your lost pictures, videos and data from your malfunctioning memory card.  If you are having problems with your camera card, or if you accidentally delted the photos or formatted the card don't do anything else as it only makes it harder to recover the lost data.

Bring the card in and let us have a look at it.  We have recovered loads of lost images for our customers in the Kansas City area and around the country.

The dreaded 'Card not formatted' or 'Card not accessible' error is BAD but we can usually help.

Memory Card recovery is $29.99 per card

Plus $5 if you have us save the recovered files to CD, or we can save them to your USB for no extra charge.

We can recover lost pictures from  most types of memory cards including SD and SDHC cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Duo and Pro-Duo, Compact Flash, XD and MicroSD cards.

Memory card recovery partners.
If we can't recover your pictures, DriveSavers can!

Click here for more details about DriveSavers data recovery services. Use reseller number DS 22352 to get a discount!

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